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3 Tips to Clean Your Garage Door Regularly

You call a garage door repair service when the sensor doesn’t work or there is a large dent in panel. But who do you rely on cleaning? The answer is very obvious, its you. You better take the responsibility of cleaning your garage door yourself, no need to call any professionals for this.

  • Keep it Oiled

If you hear your garage door squeaking, then you need to check the rollers, hinges and chain to make sure everything is alright. Just make sure you clean these parts with rag before lubricating them. Yes, oil moving parts of your garage door to make sure they keep working without a hitch.

Agoura Hills

Garage Door Repair Services Agoura Hills suggest you to use a specialized spray lubricant that will help keep the chain and train lubricated while preventing grime or dirt to build up.

  • Regular Inspection

Simple but timely inspection about the current condition of your garage door assures you won’t have to pay Garage Door Spring repair for extensive damage. Inspect the door by opening while you stand beneath it. Pay attention and listen to unusual sounds. Check the roller hinges to see any loose bolts.

Check if the manual locks work or not. You also need to check the track and assure its secured. Make sure the sensors are clean and properly aligned. Last but not least, check the weather-stripping lining at the end of door to see whether it’s in perfect shape or not.

  • Clean it Regularly

You don’t need a professional Garage Door Repair company to clean your garage door, you can easily dot it yourself. There is no better way to maintain your garage door than regular cleaning. Rinse it with garden hose and scrub with a soft brush dibbed in mild soap.

Doesn’t use power wash regardless if the garage door is made of wood or steal. Also, watch out for harsh chemicals as they can ruin the aesthetic appeal of your garage door.