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Building vs. Buying: Which Shed is Best For You

So you’re trying to decide if you should buy and shed or build one yourself? That is a complex question. Sheds in general are great to have for storage. They’ll help you free up space in your garage and help you have a more organized home and outdoor space. Sheds come in all sizes and colors as well. So, whether you build or buy, there are still many options either way. Here is what to know before you buy a shed or build one.


Building a Shed

If you’re thinking about building a shed, you are very ambitious! Having the know-how and the time to do it is a rarity these days. Here are a few things to think about before you take the plunge and start trying to build a shed from scratch.


The biggest advantage to building your own shed is you can have the shed of your dreams. You can customize it to exactly what you want and need. Want a porch, double doors, and maybe lighting added on? How about making it out of materials you like best and painting it in the colors that look best in your backyard? With a custom build, you can. If you’re not finding a shed that looks like exactly what you need and want, this can be a huge plus!

Another pro of building your own shed is that you’ll have more control over the costs. You can shop around for materials, and spread it out over time if you’d like. However, if you want a unique or highly customized shed, you might find it hard to keep the cost down. So, keep that in mind as you plan it out.

Lastly, if you enjoy making things yourself and you have a background in it, this project might be super fun for you! If you like having projects to fill your time, this could be your favorite project of the year!


While there are several advantages to building your own shed, there are a few things you should think about when it comes to the disadvantages. The first thing is you have to measure out and buy your own materials for the shed. This might be tricky depending on what you plan to use. With supply chain issues in the past, this can still happen from time to time, and if you forget something that can be unfortunate too. We all know the pain of going to the hardware store, buying things, and then having to come back again later because we forgot two little things or didn’t get enough materials. So, this can be a headache and bite into your budget.

Another con of building a shed is you have to have quite a bit of skill and background. Even if you do have those skills you have to meticulously measure and plan so you know what to buy. There can be some trial and error in this as well. In addition, you will need a plethora of power tools that you either need to have, buy, or rent. This can be an added expense as well. Lastly, consider that your shed will have no warranty. So, if something goes wrong, you’ll have to invest more time and money into fixing a custom shed.

Buying a Shed

Buying a shed has many pros and only a few cons. It is a better way for people who maybe don’t have as much know-how to get a beautiful shed right in their own backyard quickly. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages more.


Buying a shed can save you so much time! You won’t have to write out plans, measure, or decide what materials you need. You won’t need to worry about buying, renting, or borrowing power tools. In fact, if it is set up, you could even hire someone or pay the delivery people to do it. There are fewer details for you to plan out. You can order the shed that you like and it’ll quickly be ready for use.

Sheds you buy from a manufacturer often come with a warranty. This means that if something happens to your shed, you won’t have to take care of it by yourself. This can be so much less stressful than trying to fix problems on a custom build that may or may not be built correctly.

Another great thing about buying a shed is you don’t need to know how to build a shed from scratch! It definitely takes a special set of skills to build a shed from scratch correctly. So, if you simply buy a shed, you don’t need to know much other than how big the space you have for the shed is, and how you’d like it to look.

Lastly, when you buy a shed, you are getting stunning professional designs made out of durable materials. Many sheds have double doors, windows, skylights, ventilation, and even customizable walls. So, you can have a beautiful shed with little touches that make it stunning!


There really aren’t many cons to buying a shed, but there are a few things we should note. If you buy a pre-built shed, you won’t have control over the price like you would with a custom-built shed. However, keep in mind that there are hidden costs that you won’t think about when you build a custom shed unless you’re super careful and precise. Another con is that you won’t be getting a unique custom shed. However, there are small customizations you can make to a pre-built shed like painting the inside walls or drilling holes where you need them.

Hopefully, this list has helped you consider what is best for you when it comes to building or buying your own shed. No matter what you pick, sheds are one of the best ways to add storage to your home. So, either option can be great for different reasons and circumstances.