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Wherever you go the internet is your basic need, as you can survive without anything nowadays, but the internet is not something that you can compromise on. You can get anywhere in the world and will find plenty of internet and cable service providers. Just as the case of the whole world, of course, Dubai is also in the line with plenty of service providers. This city has a lot of things to entertain the visitors and the locals, with a wide range of opportunities and luxury villas to live, well, if you are interested in purchasing some villas in Dubai, then quickly look for the District One Dubai Villas for sale.

You need to have a house or apartment first to run the cables. For that, you may have to wait for a few weeks until you settle down on something. Now deciding which service to choose for the internet and cable is totally up to you and your contract with the house, for how much time you are going to stay there.


This doesn’t mean that you are going to live without the internet until your house is not done, or till you reach your home from the Dubai International Airport (DXB) or Dubai World Central International Airport (DWC). you can get a sim for visitors namely “Visitor Line Pack” that will help you in using the internet, the moment you install that sim on your mobile or tablet. It will just cost you like AED 100.  

You can get into further detail by searching for the cost of the service, recharging method, and the time period. It is very simple and made convenient in a way to meet your immediate requirement for the internet if you compare it with the other packages, that you will get in an upgraded version then, of course, it will be a little expensive. 


In the start, there was only Etisalat but in 2006, Du was created to give a tough competition, well, there is not much difference in the packages they both offer through their websites, just like the Audi and the Volkswagen, the basic factors of both the companies are same, but made different somehow that one have to make their choices over selecting the two giants. 

If you are wanting to have all in one package with cable TV, internet, and landline package, then both companies are willing to offer their services with great deals.  


There are no other options than these two, you either choose Etisalat or Du. it might be possible that this may change later but for now, there aren’t any right now. You don’t even have that free choice everywhere in the city as some areas only serve the Etisalat. So you might face some situation where you will be satisfied with the packages and everything but Du will not serve you just because of your locality. In this case, you have to go for Etisalat with the closest offer that replicates the packages you were interested in Du.


You can go to the sales point of any of these Etisalat or Du, they can be seen everywhere in the shopping malls, but you can also locate their office closest to your place through their websites. You can have a long conversation with the sales representative where you can discuss everything you want to know about the packages. They have professional sales who will probably trap you in buying an upgrade version but don’t be fooled, and stand your ground. For the registration you will probably need an ID card, if you are new to the city then your passport will be the second-best option for you. You can also take the photocopy of your Residency Visa to be more helpful. 

The Internet is the basic necessity of people nowadays. People in the world are moving and travelling all around the globe using the internet. Dubai, being one of the best tourist attractions in the world, having two service providers, offering a variety of packages can serve you well. They don’t just offer internet services, but the whole package of internet, TV cable, and landline connection. Dubai is not missing anything, so if you are looking to relocate yourself somewhere in the world, then our suggestion for you will be this city and don’t forget to check out Port De La Mer apartments for sale to make your living.