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Tips for not Making a Mistake When Choosing Curtains or Blinds!

If, you know the main differences between the elements, check out the following 5 tips to avoid making a mistake when choosing curtains and blinds:


1) See which environments require more privacy

As a general rule, it is recommended to use curtains in environments that require more light blocking and that require more privacy. TV rooms and bedrooms need more privacy and blocking sunlight. In environments such as living and dining rooms and balconies, however, the blackout does not need to be complete, so it may be better to invest in window coverings Tempe.

2) Keep in mind UV filtering

Dimming an environment and filtering UV rays are not the same thing. And this ultraviolet control is essential for preserving interiors, including the floor (depending on the material) and the woodwork. Therefore, if your home has a very strong sunlight, it is worth investing in specific models of blinds that do this filtering. Not every blind is the same, no matter how much to the eyes and touch, they seem. Natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, or mixed, do not fulfill the function of filtering UV rays, but only control the luminosity within the environment. So, if this is your case, choose models that have been proven to offer this solution.

3) Discover the main models and find out which are the most expensive

With regard to blinds, the simplest and least expensive model is the window coverings Phoenix, which consists of a screen that can be collected or lowered. The model may or may not have UV filtering.

Another model a little more expensive but offering interesting solutions are the cellular shutters. In addition to providing light and UV filtering, they ensure an improvement in the room’s acoustics. There are some models that also allow two colors of fabric, making it an interesting option from an aesthetic point of view as well.