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7 Steps for Cleaning the Freezer Efficiently

Cleaning the freezer in the right way will ensure its optimal performance over time. So, it is not about simply removing all the food items and then defrosting them. The cleaning process has many steps that will help you clean the freezer in the right way. In this article, we will guide you through the freezer cleaning process.


Unplug the Freezer

Turn the freezer off, this will eliminate the risk of electrical shock as your freezer defrosts. Place the freezer in an area, where the extra water from the defrosting freezer will not do any damage to the floor or other appliances. If necessary, place towels or old newspapers to soak up the water that will come out as the freezer defrosts.

Remove all the Food

After turning off the freezer, the next step is to remove all the food items from the freezer to prepare them for deep cleaning. Place the food items in the fridge or another freezer to keep them cool or you can store the food in sealed containers to prevent premature defrosting. Also, use this occasion to discard expired and spoiled food items in the freezer. Spoiled food can be identified by abnormal discolouration, foul smells and out-of-date labels.

Speed Up the Defrosting Process

After all the above steps are done, now the freezer should defrost to carry on with the remaining steps. Defrosting will take many hours if we do it in the normal way by leaving the lid open. But, we can speed up the process by placing a large container of hot water in the freezer and closing the lid. We will have to replace the hot water container several times. Instead of this method, we can also use a hair dryer on low heat, but we need to be really careful to avoid electric shock.


Drain the freezer after it is defrosted. Then, we can start cleaning it using mild detergents like dish soap or baking soda and vinegar. Take the cleanser of your choice in a bowl and water it. Use a cotton cloth to wipe the insides of the freezer with the solution. Remove any shelves or baskets in the freezer and clean them separately. After that, rinse the freezer to remove the cleanser and the dirt and let it air dry. You can also hire a professional cleaning service for cleaning your freezer efficiently.

Dust the Coils

After the freezer is completely dry, we clean the drip pan and dust the coils. The drip pan is located under the freezer. Mop up the water in the drip pan and clean it after pulling it out. For the efficient working of the freezer, it is important to dust the coils. You can use a vacuum cleaner or coil brush to dust the coils.

Clean the Exterior

The last step is to clean the exterior of the freezer with soap and water. Clean the areas around the handles well as more dirt and grime will be present there. This will give the freezer a fresh look.