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Carpet Steam Cleaning: The Process Explained in Simpler Words

Are you tired of vacuuming your carpets every day? Do you want to get them cleaned once and for all? If that’s what you’ve been worrying about then you must have looked up professional carpet cleaning services, and it’s highly likely that you would have come across the term, carpet steam cleaning. If you don’t know whether you should go for steam cleaning for your carpets, then this is the right place! Here we’re going to explain the process of steam cleaning your carpets in a simpler way. This is going to help you decide whether you need steam cleaning or not. So let’s get started!


Carpet Steam Cleaning: The Process

Steam cleaning, like the name suggests, involves cleaning you carpets with the help of steam or evaporated water. It’s a water-based method but the water itself doesn’t ‘clean’ your carpets. Steam is used as an activating agent, to activate your cleaners that require water. Additionally, steam is a great way to kill germs and bacteria that might be trapped in your carpet flooring. This is why steaming is preferred over ‘shampooing’.

Firstly, the water is heated to a certain temperature. The water starts to boil at 100 degrees, turning into steam. Once it has fully vaporised, the steam is applied to a machine used to clean carpets. This machine looks very similar to a vacuum cleaner.

As soon as the steam comes into contact with the dust, it starts to break up the dirt, providing flawless cleaning. This steam, since its moisturised, helps collect dry dust, dirt, and even bacteria and germs. The heat from the steam usually helps kill these infectious germs.

The best part about carpet steam cleaning is that it doesn’t damage your carpet in any way. Plus the fibre won’t start yellowing due to the steaming process.

The machine’s purpose is to spread the water over your carpet as you push it forward. Then, as you bring it backwards, the water is extracted along with the dirt. This helps you remove all excess dampness that might lead to unpleasant odours later on.

The Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning has gained popularity over time, entering the top tier of the most effective methods to clean your carpets. This is because:

  • The high temperature ensures that the cleaning method is efficient. Insects or other disease-causing micro-organisms are killed when using steam to clean your carpets. 
  • The heat helps break the bonds of the dirt, helping you remove it effectively and completely
  • Since there is limited to use of chemicals, it’s the safest method for children, and pets.
  • The steam, unlike the chemical shampoos used to clean carpets, isn’t going to damage your carpet, neither is it going to weaken the fibres of your carpet. Plus it won’t cause the carpet to lose its colour because you aren’t using chemicals such as bleach, etc.

Since steam cleaning is so advantageous, it has really proven to be effective, and is thus the most used method to clean carpets today.