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Built-in Roof – Modernize and Invest in Your Home’s Facade

Many people look at houses that have a built-in roof and imagine that the roof doesn’t have any tile, as it is not apparent. It turns out that this type of roof is not visible to anyone looking from below, as it is hidden.

The built-in roof has the advantage of making the entire construction, and especially the architecture of your house’s facade, quite modern in addition to providing a lot of sophistication and refinement.

Built-in Roof - Modernize and Invest in Your Home's Facade

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Meet the built-in roof

Built-in roofs are those that do not appear to exist, as they are quite hidden at the top of the house, and their structure can be made of metal or wood.

This roof is basically a roof that fits behind a narrow wall, called a platband, so that it’s covered over and people can’t see.

There are some types of tile that are ideal to be used in the built-in roof structure, as they are quite light, and this helps in its inclination. The main models of these tiles are:

Fiber cement tile that are light and have a low cost; Polypropylene tile that provides plenty of light; Metal tile that can be used in the construction of large houses.

What is the cost of a built-in roof?

The cost of the built-in roof itself is much lower when compared to the apparent roof, however for its installation it is necessary to make other expenses.

This is because other components have to be purchased to make the embedded roof structure, and the value of these products can be quite high.

Among these components are: shears, gutters, purlins and flashings, and it is necessary to use all of them to install the built-in roof on houses.