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How to Avoid Roof Problems

A small failure in the roof can cause great damage to the building. Clogged gutters or conductors, aging of tiles, infiltration or leaks, and wind damage are the most common problems. Know how to avoid them:



To prevent the action of the wind from carrying light coverings – such as plastic or aluminum – it is important that all roof components are properly secured and anchored. In these cases, massive materials such as clay, ceramics and cement – ​​weighing around 120 kg – are the most indicated so that this type of problem does not occur.

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Overflows and Infiltrations

Overflows are caused by incorrectly sizing the gutter. If it is small for the type of coverage of the project, it will not release the volume accumulated in rainfall.

Infiltrations, on the other hand, occur when there is any type of open space in the structure, even if minimal. They happen through the gaps between tiles, between the tile and the ridge and between the tile and the gutter. Another reason that causes the problem is the lack of roof slope, which can favor the accumulation of water puddles in some points.

Aging of Tiles

Plastic is the material most affected by this problem. The aging of tiles is common due to lack of maintenance, which must be done constantly. Clay, fiber cement and cement tiles are the most durable.


The use of the roof also contributes to better thermal insulation, which together with plaster can also contribute to moderate acoustic insulation. The good thing about it is that the undercover blankets have a low cost and ample durability.

Clogged Gutters or Conductors

In some cases, it is common to accumulate debris in the roof gutters and conductors. Therefore, periodic cleaning must be done.