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Factors to Consider when Choosing Color for Kitchen Cabinets

What do you think is the right color for your kitchen cabinets? This is a big decision that requires smart considerations.

Choosing an ideal color is never easy – you need to combine a range of factors that will guide you to get the best. Here are some of the top factors that you should have in mind.

Choosing Color for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen style

The overall style of your kitchen will help you get the right color that compliments it. Take the example of a modern kitchen – you might want to use navy blue kitchen cabinets to enhance the appearance. Traditional cabinets might require warm and natural colors. Therefore, consider the overall style that will help you to determine the right color.

Color scheme

Your kitchen space has an existing color scheme that you should consider when installing new kitchen cabinets. The idea is to ensure that the existing color schemes rhyme the colors of the kitchen cabinets. For example, if white is the dominating color scheme, installing navy blue kitchen cabinets can be an excellent color consideration because the two colors rhyme perfectly. Consider all the kitchen elements and their colors as you decide.


Another key element in the kitchen that influences color choice is lighting. The amount of light that you have will determine if you can install some colors or not. A well-lit kitchen space can allow any color scheme to be installed. However, if you have dim light, you are only limited to bright colors for your kitchen cabinets.

Resale value

Consider the market value of the colors that you are choosing as well. Some colors have a good resale value while others don’t. Observe what the market wants and consider it if you are planning to sell your house in the future.

Unique color schemes like navy blue kitchen cabinets are great for modern homes. Their resale value is high because modern homeowners appreciate them.


You might also want to consider the maintenance of the colors that you are choosing. For example, white is a hard color to maintain because it shows dirt easily. This is why bold colors like navy blue, red, and orange are good for easy maintenance.

Personal preference

Finally, you should choose colors based on personal preference. If you like blue, navy blue kitchen cabinets will always be impressive in your kitchen space. Therefore, go with your heart for you will be the one spending time in the kitchen.