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Panther Pest Control London

Our pest treatment focuses on both the interior of the home and the exterior, including the roof void, eaves, outbuildings, play equipment, even the letterbox! After a thorough inspection of these areas, your Panther Pest Control London technician will provide service to the affected areas. First, the technician will apply pest control materials in areas where they will be most effective. Since certain pests may have a preference for a particular type of bait, we utilize several treatment options including gels, dust, granules and liquids. Book our pest control services today with a phone call on 020 3404 5177 or fill out the online booking form on our website.

Pest Control London

Panther Pest Control came to life in 2012 and has been growing ever since. What was first a small team of pest removal experts is now one of the most recognised pest control companies in London.

We are a fully registered and insured pest control service provider; whose sole objective is to help local people eliminate their problems with rodents and various other pests.