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Garage Makeover in Condo – How to Do It Right

Retirement is something that needs planning and patience even when it comes to garage renovation. If this is the case of garage-to-condo refurbishment, further care is required such as the agreement and collaboration of all owners.

In this article we will address some important considerations that should be taken into account when renovating the parking garage or condominium garage. Keep up!

What is needed for garage renovation in condominium?

  1. Approval of tenants

Every liquidator must know that any work to be done within the condominium must follow the condominium rules and be approved by the owners at the building.

If you are thinking of renovating the garage, residents, besides agreeing, will have to be aware that they will go through a period when they will not be able to use this space, which always causes some inconvenience.

  1. Planning

Try to support the proposal well. Make a plan, presenting cost budget and project time forecast. This can make residents a bit more relaxed. Take the moment of reform to gather all the necessary actions.

  1. Logistics

This is an item that can easily be overlooked at the time of planning. However, it is essential for residents to know where they will safely leave their cars during the renovation period.

So be sure to evaluate if cars can be left on the street around the condo. In this case, you can hire a temporary lookout.

  1. Hiring Professionals

Don’t even think about hiring the bricklayer “do everything” to renovate the garage. However, small the reform, finding cheaper alternatives in this case can be expensive.

Hire garage conversion professionals at Local Builders that specializes in this type of work. Only skilled professionals can assess the extent of the need for reform. And indicate the best materials and what types of services should be performed.

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