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Garage Door Security – Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe

The garage door is often one of the most vulnerable entry points into the home. Criminals know that an unlocked garage can provide easy access to break into attached homes. In Addison County and elsewhere, taking steps to beef up garage door security is crucial to deter potential thieves. Regularly checking and reinforcing your garage door security can go a long way in protecting your family and belongings.

Garage Door Security Tips

Secure Your Garage Door

One of the simplest but most effective security measures is to always use the locking mechanism on your garage door, whether you are home or not. Manually lock the door from the outside if leaving and ensure it’s locked at night before bed. You can also install additional locks like deadbolts or hasps and padlocks for extra reinforcement. Make sure to remove any garage door keys from vehicles as well to avoid break-ins.

Use Safety Beams and Sensors

All modern garage door openers come equipped with infrared safety sensors that create a light beam across the door entrance. If the beam is broken while closing, the door will stop and reverse direction. Regularly test that these sensors are aligned properly and working as intended. You can also install additional motion sensor lights both inside and outside the garage for added visibility and detection.

Change Access Codes Regularly

If you have a garage door opener that can be controlled by a mobile app or keypad code, make sure to change default codes. Update codes every 3-6 months for optimum security in Addison County. Don’t use obvious codes like street numbers that could be easily guessed.

Taking a multi-layered approach to garage door security helps protect your home whether you’re there or not. Don’t overlook this important entry point when beefing up your overall home security in Addison County.


What other home security systems can integrate with my garage door?

Many smart home security systems allow you to monitor garage door sensors and control/receive alerts on your garage door remotely via the system.

How can I reinforce older garage doors that don’t have modern safety features?

Install additional locks, reinforce door frames, add motion sensor lights, and consider an alarm system that detects garage door openings.