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List of Popular Shopping Sites in Korea

On the days where people are staying at home, online shopping has become the first choice for many people to spend time on. In Korea, there are a lot of online shops to choose from. It is also more affordable than department storesphysical stores. A Ziptoss English speaking realtor in Seoul has made a convenient list of online stores for your daily needs.



  • Website:

South Korea’s general shopping website, including clothing, daily necessities, home appliances, furniture, shopping vouchers, sports goods, air tickets, boat tickets, etc., is the same as Amazon. The Global version has Chinese and English websites, and some products support overseas shipping and online payment. You can download and use coupons every month when you join the website as a member.


  • Website:

Coupang was established in August 2010 and is one of the most commonly used shopping websites in Korea. Your account can be linked with online banking, and the fee will be deducted directly after the order is placed. Their “Rocket Delivery” service can guarantee orders placed before midnight, and delivered before 7 o’clock the next day, they also deliver orders on weekends. There is no courier fee, but a monthly membership fee of 2,900 Won is required, so it is suitable when buying fresh food or daily needs that are urgently needed. (Tips: When it’s too late, some “Rocket Delivery” items will only be delivered the next day so it’s better not to delay orders and place orders in advance). You can follow the website and get discounts every day for good deals.

11th Street

  • Website:

11th Street is an online shopping mall opened by South Korea’s SK Telecom. It is also one of the most popular shopping websites in South Korea. There is a wide range of fashion brands, home appliances, cosmetics, etc. You can find almost anything you want to buy on one website, 11th Street also delivers overseas.

New World Online Mall

  • Website:

As the largest department store in South Korea, New World Online Mall is convenient for quick shopping, the online store also has a Chinese and English page, you can choose between New World Department Store, E-mart, Early Morning Delivery, Home Furnishing, TV shopping, cosmetics, etc. to enter different online stores for shopping. There are all kinds of brands and products, and there are many styles for you to choose from. You can also join as a member of E-mart, the largest shopping supermarket chain in South Korea.


  • URL:

CJ Mall is an all-inclusive online shopping site with many boutiques of quality goods. You can choose to have an English-translated website in the upper right corner of the homepage.


  • URL:

South Korea’s largest professional online bookstore, with Chinese and English site translations.


  • URL:

An apparel website that offers English translations and supports online payment.


  • Website:

Cherrykoko is a well-known Korean clothing brand, created by AVRILFS clothing in 2007, mainly for young fashionable women between 18 and 28 years old, from elegant outfits to daily casual wear, providing products like clothing, accessories, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. There are website translations in Chinese, English, and Japanese as well.

Eland Mall

  • URL:

Eland online shopping mall, the leading mall of popular brands such as SPAO, MIXXO, Roem, OST, LLOYD, etc. Eland Mall focuses on trendy clothing, bags, shoes, and home decorations for younger people. There are various discounts in their online shop than in their physical stores.


  • URL:

Yeoin is Korea’s largest shopping site for cosmetics, has a wide range of products and competitive prices. It is a cosmetic shopping site most chosen by women in South Korea.


  • Website:

WeMakePrice was established in October 2010. It is one of the largest group-buying websites in South Korea. It has accumulated sales of 40 billion Won within six months after its establishment. WeMakePrice uses large pictures to display products, and there are rankings of popular products and various activities to participate in to get discounts.


  • Website:

1300K is a popular shopping website in South Korea. It mainly deals in stationery, books, consumer goods, etc., with a complete range and affordable prices.