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Important Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Garage Door In Seamless Working Order

The automatic garage door is the largest investment you make for the safety and protection of your house. As it is used regularly, so it is prone to wear and tear.

That’s why; it is necessary to include regular inspection and garage door maintenance in your routine to extend its lifespan. You must hire Garage Door Service twice a year to ensure your door is in good condition.

In this guide, we are going to share incredible tips that will help you keep your door in a seamless working condition.

Clean it regularly

It is normal for dirt to build up and stop the garage door from opening and closing perfectly. It is better for you to carefully wash and clean your door once a week.

Simply use cold soapy water and rinse the door properly. Never use warm water because it will damage the finishing of your door.

Listen and watch

Regular garage door troubleshooting can help to ensure your door is safe for the entire family. As soon as you discover any issue, immediately fix it yourself or hire Garage Door Repair Lockeford service. Make sure to study the manufacturer’s manual because all the garage doors work in a different way.

Lubricate the moving parts

If you have a noisy or frozen garage door, it is obvious that you need to lubricate all the moving parts. You can use white lithium grease for this purpose. If you will spot any damaged or broken parts during this process, hire an affordable garage door repair service.

Clear the tracks

Ensure the tracks of your garage door are free of dirt and debris. If you can’t clear the tracks and handle the maintenance job yourself, it is better to hire a garage door replacement Lodi service.

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